picassothebetta said: Hey so any advice on the filtering/heating of a large bowl? Because you make me want to do the bowl thing.

Ahhhh! I’m so glad you like it and are even inspired by it! :D

And pretty much any tiny heater and filter will do. I use a whisper 1-3 gallon air driven filter but I noticed most of the 5 gallon and under filters were air-driven and mostly even all had the same shape so I say just look for what your local stores have. It’s probably going to end up a little janky, mine has two suction cups on the back to hold it to the side on the tank but with the bowl I just ended up suctioning the bottom cup to the side and just kinda hooking the top one over the edge of the bowl so it hold the lip of the filter above the water. However, thankfully the curve of the bowl works in your favor as far as viewing because it distorts your view and usually makes huge blind spots you can mostly hide the filter and a small heater in. 

Speaking of the heater- most any small 5 gallon and under heater will do, most come with a suction cup that will hold it along the back. The only thing I’ll say about it is be careful! Most heaters this small do not have a thermostat and so will not shut off if things get too hot! So it’s important to keep an eye on the temperature for a week or three while everything in the tiny tank is settling! You may need to get a less powerful heater or a more powerful one that comes with a thermostat! 


airhaven said: how do you get your drawf hair grass to grow so well? i have no luck it just kinda dies….

Haha mostly with LEDs? At least on the big tank and honestly it grows veeery slowly in that tank since most would consider the light I have on there a medium level light and dhg is a mid-high light level plant. It doesn’t die in the big tank but it doesn’t truly flourish either.. The dhg is the first plant I put in that tank a year ago and it’s only really reached carpet status recently. In the bowl that’s just an extremely powerful bulb on a small tank haha makes everything in there grow really well.
Tl;dr - powerful lighting. Dwarfhg likes a lot of powerful lighting, the more the better :)


All the full tank shots I currently have on my phone to make a nice little progression series of the 55. I’ll probably post a new one soon as it grows so stinkin’ fast these days!


Photographic proof that my dog is nothing more than an enormous woobie.
Don’t worry, we would ne’er hurt the wee boys ears.


Forgive her trashed tank, Thymara was on a proper dragon rampage. She does this a couple times a week. Really seems to enjoy loomin over her domain.

Update for the big 55. News is: it’s goin’. Fish are doing fishy things. Plants are going planty things. Got a new black marbled angelfish. Moved a stick. Love it. Fish life.

Update for the big 55. News is: it’s goin’. Fish are doing fishy things. Plants are going planty things. Got a new black marbled angelfish. Moved a stick. Love it. Fish life.


To round out the trio- this is Smaug, named so for his uncaring stare and unconquerable underbite. Really he’s an enormous almost blind goof. But he loves being handled and sleeping in wierd positions so we forgive him.


Of course I can’t post pictures of Thymara without also posting some of my main girl. She’s still the best.


One of my newer additions, a little girl gecko named Thymara, from the Rain wilds chronicles by Robin Hobb. She’s only just now starting to get used to me wandering around so I can get pictures. She’s super cute guys. I hope to eventually co-habitate her with The Pink Lady/Lady Malta but for now she gets her castle to herself.


The toe nibbler continues her reign of terror. With an astonishing lack of regard for public decency.

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